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Connacht Single Malt Connacht is a young distillery founded in 2015 in County Mayo on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Located in the small town of Ballina in the north-west of Ireland, it is the first distillery in the region to produce a single malt for 150 years! Distillation began in 2016 with a simple philosophy centred on creating high-quality, elegant and accessible single malts. To this end, the distillery is equipped with three traditional copper stills known as "pot stills". Connacht Single Malt Batch #1 is the distillery's very first creation. The single malt is double distilled in traditional stills (pot stills) and matured for four years in bourbon casks.

Villa N°16 Maison Peyrat continues to develop and the house now offers a French single malt whisky named Villa No.16. This young whisky bottled at 43% ABV has been sculpted through a stunning double maturation in Cognac and Pineau casks that results in a rich and delicious single malt. This French single malt whisky is produced from French barley selected and malted close to where it is grown in the east of France and then carefully fermented and distilled in the Charente region. After three years of initial maturation in French and American oak casks, Villa No. 16 is then finished in Charentes Pineau casks and Maison Peyrat Cognac casks.

Ballyhoo Whiskey Ballyhoo is a single grain whiskey produced, matured and bottled at the young Connacht distillery established in the north-west of Ireland in 2015. After four years' maturation in white oak bourbon casks, Ballyhoo is finished for six to nine months in port casks from Portugal's famous Douro Valley. The whiskey is made from 93% maize and 7% malted barley, both selected and imported directly from France. Bottled at 43% ABV, this single grain is bursting with character and elegance. Triple distillation in column stills and the combination of bourbon and port cask maturation bring complexity and richness to the whiskey's vanilla, fruity and subtly spiced notes. Ballyhoo is the perfect

Santa Rita - Casa Real Viña Santa Rita was founded in 1880 by 19TH Century entrepreneur Don Domingo Fernández Concha who brought the finest French grape varieties, including cabernet sauvignon, to the rich freedraining soils of Chile’s Maipo Valley, together with specialised equipment and a team of top winemakers from Bordeaux. First vintaged in 1989, Casa Real Reserva Especial Cabernet Sauvignon represents the pinnacle of winemaking expression and terroir in the Alto Jahuel area of the Maipo Valley. Over three decades of refinements in the vineyard and winery have led to the development of timeless style based on respect, heritage and ambition. The limited release Casa Real Reserva Especial also

Francs de Gueule Our Francs de Gueule pays tribute to our founding fathers, whose faces are featured on the bottle. These three brothers knew how to produce truly authentic wines long before we did. Without them, we would not have been driven by this passion for winegrowing which flows through our veins today. We inherited their expertise. We wanted to create a straightforward, no-frills wine from a Merlot guaranteed to loosen tongues. A wine as sincere as a great friendship, as authentic as our roots! Francs de Gueule is an easy-going and delicious wine full of freshness. Black fruit notes with spicy undertones predominate. Francs de Gueule is

Franc 6 Franc 6 is the result of many get-togethers drinking wine! Made from our vines under conversion to organic viticulture (since 2019), this wine is best shared with friends over a beautiful terrine. It is prepared to go against the grain (as 100% Cabernet Franc wines are rare in the Gironde), and even breaks the visual mould! It is elegant and fruity on the nose, offering up power and intensity. Blackberry, wild strawberry, dark fruit and lighter liquorice aromas come to the fore, paired with delicate floral notes. Fruity, elegant, juicy and delicious on the palate, boasting finesse and tension. Best enjoyed slightly chilled at

Filliers Gin Filliers Distillery is an artisanal warm distillery and is one of the last proudly continuing its operations. Everything happens on this site, from pumping its own spring water, grinding grains, creating fine fruit and herbal distillates, up to fermentation and distillation, ageing, etc. The story of Filliers Dry Gin 28 already started in 1928. It was then that Firmin Filliers, a pioneer in distilling, developed the recipe for the first Belgian gin. Currently, this recipe forms the basis of today’s gin that is still distilled on a small-scale basis in copper stills.

Filliers Whisky Filliers Distillery’s Single Malt Whisky is the oldest Belgian whisky that rested & aged exclusively on Sherry barrels made from European oak. For at least 10 years, these barrels release their flavours slowly. The creation of this whisky is an exercise in patience & craftsmanship, with a result to cherish. A whisky with a pronounced nose in which Sherry emerges elegantly. Recognisable floral notes that subtly end in dried fruit. The taste is balanced with spicy condiments and dark chocolate toffee that is infused with wood, walnut & orange flavours. A generous layered spirit. Filliers Distillery is an artisanal warm distillery and is one of the last proudly

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Peyrat Cognac When he founded Maison Peyrat at the end of the 19th century, Henri Peyrat wanted to share his passion by creating a family-made Cognac. Today, his grandson Philippe wants to call attention to Peyrat Cognac, whose blend is made remarkable by its infinite richness and the soul of its terroir. Maison Peyrat made the choice to showcase all appellations by creating the concept of the Cognac de Terroirs. The values of tradition and high standards allow us to propose a high-quality range of Cognac, but also liqueurs, while still preserving our brand identity. Present in a number of countries, Maison Peyrat has known how to keep its innovative