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Franc 6

Wine from Bordeaux - without sulfites

Franc 6

Franc 6 is the result of many get-togethers drinking wine! Made from our vines under conversion to organic viticulture (since 2019), this wine is best shared with friends over a beautiful terrine. It is prepared to go against the grain (as 100% Cabernet Franc wines are rare in the Gironde), and even breaks the visual mould!

It is elegant and fruity on the nose, offering up power and intensity. Blackberry, wild strawberry, dark fruit and lighter liquorice aromas come to the fore, paired with delicate floral notes. Fruity, elegant, juicy and delicious on the palate, boasting finesse and tension. Best enjoyed slightly chilled at 15-16 degrees to showcase the fruit.

No added sulphites during winemaking.