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Filliers Whisky

Founded in 1880
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Filliers Whisky

Filliers Distillery’s Single Malt Whisky is the oldest Belgian whisky that rested & aged exclusively on Sherry barrels made from European oak. For at least 10 years, these barrels release their flavours slowly. The creation of this whisky is an exercise in patience & craftsmanship, with a result to cherish.

A whisky with a pronounced nose in which Sherry emerges elegantly. Recognisable floral notes that subtly end in dried fruit. The taste is balanced with spicy condiments and dark chocolate toffee that is infused with wood, walnut & orange flavours. A generous layered spirit.

Filliers Distillery is an artisanal warm distillery and is one of the last proudly continuing its operations. Everything happens on this site, from pumping its own spring water, grinding grains, creating fine fruit and herbal distillates, up to fermentation and distillation, ageing, etc.