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High Coast

Swedish distillery founded in 2010
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High Coast

High Coast Distillery, located in the north of Sweden in Bjärtrå, is an atypical distillery which exclusively produces Single Malt whiskies. Most likely one of the closest distilleries to the Arctic Circle at 63° North, High Coast distills strong Single Malts that stand out from the crowd with their aromatic delicacy. The climatic conditions of the region, -30°C during the winter and +30°C in the summer, give these whiskies a unique and authentic style.

Founded in 2010, the distillery continues to develop with the future in mind: more than 10,000 casks are currently engaged for the maturation of their Single Malt. In the future, a complete range of ages will be offered.

The range includes three items, two of which are peaty, Timmer and Hav, as well as a smooth and full-bodied version finished in sherry casks, Berg.