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A French elegance

Cortoisie Exhalation

The name of this resolutely French brand is a derivative of the adjective courtois, coined in the 12th century. In Old French, it references the nobility and their way of living, as well as the idea of “moral elegance” which was expressed by moderation and balance. Therefore, these are the qualities that Cortoisie used to create their range of Single Malt French Whisky. Cortoisie: the epitome of French elegance.

The malt is distilled in France by a distillery in the region of Lorraine. Cortoisie uses subcontracted distillation and is characterized by a peat scale score of 35 PPM (parts per million), placing it among the most strongly peated French whiskies.

The aging of Whisky Cortoisie began in 2016 in their cellars in the Burgundy and Charentes regions.

Exhalation, the first Opus of the Cortoisie brand, is a non-chill-filtered Single Malt that evokes a palate of aromas that elegantly reveal themselves in an organoleptic symphony. This Single Malt is inspired by a unique terroir: the Loire Valley, which produces exceptional grain. This area, bordered by centenary oaks from which the best quality casks are made to mature this whisky, is nestled among evanescent landscapes and peatlands. Everything that evokes the idea of a great malt liquor.