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Peyrat Cognac

Founded in 1948 by Henri Peyrat

Peyrat Cognac

When he founded Maison Peyrat at the end of the 19th century, Henri Peyrat wanted to share his passion by creating a family-made Cognac. Today, his grandson Philippe wants to call attention to Peyrat Cognac, whose blend is made remarkable by its infinite richness and the soul of its terroir.

Maison Peyrat made the choice to showcase all appellations by creating the concept of the Cognac de Terroirs. The values of tradition and high standards allow us to propose a high-quality range of Cognac, but also liqueurs, while still preserving our brand identity. Present in a number of countries, Maison Peyrat has known how to keep its innovative spirit, creating new products, always elegant and refined.

In order to protect nature which gives us an exceptional terroir, Maison Peyrat expand their range with Cognac Le Chaigne, an organic blended cognac.