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J. Dupont

Brand founded in 1872 in Cognac by the Dupont family

J. Dupont Cognac

The company J. Dupont Cognac was founded in 1872 by Julien Dupont who started the commercialization of his Cognacs in 1878. J. Dupont was a flourishing enterprise at the end of the 19th century, with their Cognacs being sold in over 50 different international markets. Mr. Michel Boinaud, a very close family friend of the Duponts, purchased the brand J. Dupont in 1992 in order to associate it with his own business and continue its development.

J. Dupont Cognacs belong today to the Boinaud family, winegrowers in the Cognac region since at least 1640. This dynasty has always produced brandy in the heart of the Premier Cru of the Cognac region, the Grand Champagne cru. Family heritage – the largest private vineyard of 420 hectares and an impressive family distillery – makes it possible to continue, in complete autonomy, the ancestral methods of production.

Complete, independent mastery of each and every step of the production process of these brandies gives J. Dupont Cognac a distinct character and a unique richness which elevates it to the level of the greatest Cognacs from the Grande Champagne cru. Expertise and savoir faire transmitted from generation to generation within the Boinaud family guarantees rare and prestigious brandies, destined to be bottled under the name J. Dupont.