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Petrolo Galatrona


Galatrona is the first and only vintage made 100% from Merlot vines planted on the Petrolo estate. This estate, acquired by the Bazzocchi family in the 1940s, extends today over a total of 272 hectares. 26 hectares are reserved for the production of seven wines, but the family also had another passion and activity: the production of olive oil. The vines intertwine with the olive trees to form an excellent ecosystem in the heart of Tuscany.

Today, with Galatrona, Luca Sanjust continues to follow in the footsteps of the Bazzocchis, proposing a high-quality certified organic wine since the 2016 vintage.

The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in wooden crates before a second sorting at the winery. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in cement tanks with the help of natural yeasts. The wine then matures in French oak barrels, 33% of which are new during 18 months, and lee-stirring occurs during the first 6 months. Galatrona is described as a wine with a structure that is elegant, complex, and pleasant.