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French brand founded in 2005

Generous Gin

It all started with a dream: to create a gin like the tree of life, producing the most beautiful fruits and aromatic fragrances. It would be like playing the keys of a perfume organ in order to compose the most delicate olfactory harmonies.

Named Generous Gin, this nectar made in the Cognac region now offers two interpretations of what connoisseurs already label as “French” gin. An artisanal gin of gorgeous craftsmanship where every ingredient and every aroma delicately accentuate the others in order to sublimate their expression. This is how the magic happens. The bottle is no exception to the high-fashion image of Generous Gin, showcasing hand-drawn designs elaborated with infinite precision.

An especially original design, inspired by a vintage botanist bottle, is easily recognizable at first glance with its flowers and leaves – black for the Original and green for the Organic – interlaced over an opalescent background.

Generous Gin exudes a subtle and floral fragrance. There is a dominant base of juniper, softened by white florals of elderberry and jasmine. On the palate, notes of mandarin and lemon produce a fruit-forward aromatic explosion. The long finish is enriched by persistent notes of red pepper, citrus, and juniper.

Generous Gin Organic presents fresh and subtle nuances of lemon. With a strong juniper base, it offers fresh flavours of Kaffir lime and coriander, creating a well-balanced flavour profile from start to finish.