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Scottish Distillery founded in 2014

Daffy’s Gin

Daffy’s was founded in 2014 by Chris Moulineaux and his wife, Mignonne Kabaka, with the ambition of proposing a gin with a one-of-a-kind aromatic palette. Distilled on the mythical Speyside land in Scotland, a stone’s throw away from the Glefarclas distillery, Daffy’s benefited from a unique know-how for its conception. Chris Moulineaux, who was a winemaker in France and Master Blender in Scotland, makes use of his expertise in the production of these spirits.

Daffy’s uses a rigorous selection of 8 botanical plants for their gin (orris root, coriander, angelica, juniper, Chinese cinnamon, Lebanese mint, orange zest, lemon zest) which are distilled for 9 hours in an antique whisky alembic (pot still). Pressure is kept low to guarantee a slow distillation in order to bring complexity and balance to the gin. Lebanese mint, cultivated by Chris’s wife in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon, is added to the distillation. All of these elements make it possible to create one-of-a-kind gins with an even more unexplored aromatic palette. The mastery of each step in the production process guarantees a product of exceptional quality.