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Boroli Barolo

Winery founded in 1990

Boroli Barolo

A Piedmontese family of entrepreneurs since 1831. Firstly in the textile industry, then in publishing and now also in wine-growing. In the 90’s, Silvano and Elena Boroli felt the need to start a new project that could bring them back to nature, far from the crazy rhythms of today. The choice was almost obligatory for a Piedmontese : Langa wines. A passion that has converted into a job. What could be better ? A very difficult and demanding job, whose results are never achieved by chance, but, precisely for this reason, with great satisfaction.

In 2000, Achille, the third of four children, joined the company. In the case of the Boroli family, quality is always  the priority, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Borolli Classico is distinguishable from the other references of the range by a slight scent of wood and presence of wild berries. A lovely and harmonious taste with scents of liquorice and sweet tannins.

Borolli Brunella has a net aroma in which liquorice stands out at first, immediately followed by a fruity scent. In mouth, a very enveloping, fresh and harmonious taste, with a delicate and tasty presence of wood.

Boroli Cerequio offers an immediately intense and fruity aroma with scents of flowers such as camomile, very delicate and interesting. A very elegant and harmonious taste, in which the wood scent never disturbs. There are also pleasant flowery scents; long lasting and tasty, it is always interesting to be sipped.

Boroli Villero distinguishes with a flowery aroma that gradually opens with spicy scents. A full and long lasting taste denoting a considerable extract, with a good presence of tasty and sweet tannins.