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Opus One

Bordeaux varieties in Napa Valley
Opus One

Opus One

Created at the end of the 1970’s, Opus One was the dream of two men: Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Château Mouton Rothschild, and American winemaker Robert Mondavi. Together, they decided to combine their knowledge and their passion for wine into one bottle: Opus One.

They dreamed of creating a great wine that could last for generations. Four decades later, they still haven’t stopped refining the complex subtleties of Opus One, respecting traditional methods while constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve.

This Napa Valley winery, well-known across the globe, boasts 68 hectares planted with traditional varieties from Bordeaux. Opus One represents an alliance between two dynasties but also two styles: a French-style delicacy and elegance in the mouth, brightened up with the fruity notes typical of Napa Valley.

In 1993, following in the tradition of great Bordeaux estates, Opus One created a fine second wine called Overture. Every acre of the estate vineyard is meticulously farmed with the attention to detail and singular focus required to produce Opus One. This scrutiny carries through the blending process and certain lots will not be included in the final Opus One blend. Yet, these lots will be blended with each other and other vintages to create Overture, a non-vintage wine