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Château Feytit-Lagrave

A Mähler-Besse exclusivity

Château Feytit-Lagrave

Catherine Péré-Vergé (1939-2013), was one of the great Bordeaux wines revolutionaries from the nineties on. She had one difference though : she was the only woman !

In Pomerol, this iron-willed manager found her home and raised Montviel, Le Gay or La Violette to the highest standards, always with the continued support of her friend Michel Rolland. The northern heiress to the Cristalleries d’Arques, tenacity was her only watchword. She took her commitment all the way to Argentina, in the vines of Mendoza. Her south-american dream, Monteviejo Bodega, a reference of the genre, would be the starting point for the career of her right hand man Marcelo Pelleriti, one of the country’s greatest oenologists.

  • Terroir: 2.5 hectares.
  • Grape varieties: 20 % Cabernet Franc, which gives roundness, suppleness and fruit. 80 % Merlot, which gives elegance, body and fruit.
  • Age of the wines: 20 years on average.
  • Grape harvest: Manual.
  • Winemaking: The vat room at Château Montviel allows for traditional vinification in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats of small volume. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in vats for the first month of vinification; the wine spends 15 months in new barrels for the malolactic fermentation and ageing.
  • Production: around 11 600 bottles.